Professional Kitchen Remodeling Tips

download (5)Remodeling your kitchen is not like remodeling any other room in your house. Because your kitchen receives a high amount of traffic it needs special attention. Before you even start remodeling your house, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there enough space to maneuver easily?
  • What is my budget?
  • Is my kitchen in a condition that requires a makeover?
  • Is my kitchen safe to use the way it is?

You can add to many other questions to these. Make sure that you make a list so that you have the confidence to give the expert remodeling company doing your kitchen, the go-ahead. There is always a feeling of excitement when it comes to remodeling your kitchen. The main question often raised is, “Will my kitchen look better or worse than before?” To settle your nerves, here are some professional remodeling tips that will definitely give your kitchen the fresh new look that you deserve.

1. Use professional help: You should start by finding an expert interior designer or professional remodeling contractor who is familiar with the building codes in your area. This will help you in avoiding trouble with the local authorities responsible for approving construction.

2. Insist on a written contract with whomever you’ve hired. This shifts all the responsibilities involved in remodeling your kitchen and thus has the contractor liable for any damages incurred within the contract. It also helps you stay within the budget since you’ll have mentioned terms and conditions for working.

3. Go through the design process first before approving it. You can consult from friends and family who can give you their opinions of what they think of the new look. This will give a head start in choosing the necessary accessories to use, including lights, countertops, flooring materials, and paint colors.

4. Try looking around Internet sites and searching through books to find less expensive alternatives. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with just a simple budget. You should also pay attention to the labor intensity that some designs often demand. You should note that the more tedious an installation process is, the more expensive it’ll be.

5. When purchasing your appliances, always make sure that you carefully compare their prices and features with others before making your final decision. This reduces the chances of biting your lip after you’ve involved yourself in impulse buying.

6. Try to be as creative as possible. Don’t put anything off. You can discuss the various options available with your contractor. The type of design that you’ll choose will often depend on whether you want to remodel your kitchen fully or partially. If the entire kitchen requires remodeling, then repainting is one of the least expensive ways to bring life to your kitchen. You can always opt to put wall paper on your kitchen walls.

7. To save money, you may want to reuse some of the appliances in your present kitchen and shift things around to create space. For example, you might convert an old console table into a kitchen island.



Bathroom Remodeling Tips

download (4)Kitchen and bathroom remodeling tips abound. Go to a bookstore and access the remodeling section, and you will find many handyman books that offer both kitchen and bathroom remodeling tips.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling are the most popular ways to prepare a home for sale. It was once thought that only kitchen remodeling was necessary to increase house value. Now, however, bathroom remodeling is also considered vital. Stained or yellowed fixtures, old style, etc., are “turn-offs” to prospective buyers. Colors and lighting should also be considered.

Although both kitchen and bathroom remodeling are important, we will focus here on three bathroom remodeling tips.

Bathroom Remodeling Tip #1 – Color

Color is an emotional matter with humans. We all have preferences, and we all are subtly or overtly affected by the colors around us. Fast food restaurants are notorious for their use of color. For success, they often choose colors that have been shown to arouse the appetite for food: yellow, oranges, and reds abound.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, the emotional appeal of colors is important. Before you even begin remodeling, establish a color scheme. Then choose fixtures, paint, tile, and other materials to carry out the scheme. Consider what you want the room to be when your bathroom remodeling project is complete. Is it to be a child’s delight or an adult’s purely practical room? Or is it to be a serene retreat from stress? Here are some color tips to consider in bathroom remodeling.

1. Red and yellow color schemes awaken lively emotions. They also awaken YOU in the morning! Bright red and yellow are best in small doses. One red wall can be lively. Four red walls can be overbearing, like the too-lively partygoer. When red and yellow are of subtler, darker hues, they can turn your bathroom remodeling project cozy and warm. A good plan is to use darker values of reds and yellows for large spaces and accessorize with brighter values of the same colors.

2. Blue and green color schemes tend toward restfulness. The blues of water, whether stream, lake, or ocean, can easily be adapted to your bathroom remodeling project. The greens found in the outdoors can complement blues. Add brown or beige to give your bathroom a subdued, natural atmosphere.

Bathroom Remodeling Tip #2 – Lighting

When you have chosen tentatively what colors you will use in your bathroom remodeling project, subject the colors to proper lighting. You may be changing the lighting fixtures you presently have. You may be upgrading to the popular Tuscan bathroom lighting. You may be using indirect lighting near the ceiling. Test your chosen colors in lighting as nearly as possible like that you will use.

Light fixtures, too, convey emotion and atmosphere. Look at your present bathroom light fixtures before launching any bathroom remodeling project. Are they old and stained? Do they “date” your bathroom as old-fashioned or worse? Visit a lighting store and see what’s new – especially if your bathroom remodeling project is intended to increase house value.

Bathroom Remodeling Tip #3 – Black

Since black is not a color, we give it third place in a discussion of bathroom remodeling tips. Black is often the missing ingredient in creating a bathroom that will both satisfy you and increase home value.

Once a bathroom remodeling project is complete, there may be a feeling that something is not quite right. Maybe the colors don’t “work” after all. Or is it the lighting?

Black may be the answer. Whatever color scheme you have used, a small splash of black can enhance it. Add a black-framed picture to the wall. Or use black tumbler, lotion dispenser, and toothbrush holder. Your other colors will come alive in contrast to the black.



Landscaping Tips For Your Swimming Pool

download (3)When you think of a backyard swimming pool, what picture comes to mind? Do you imagine a simple, rectangular pool in the middle of a span of plain concrete? A swimming pool does not need to be merely utilitarian; pools can be as aesthetically interesting as they are fun. The key to an attractive, exciting pool area is to make sure that the pool and the environment surrounding it fully complement each other.

When planning your pool area, there are three key ideas you should keep in mind: beauty, safety and convenience. Here are some ideas on how to achieve all there in your backyard pool area:


Outdoor lighting can make your pool area seem festive and inviting. Whether you want tiki torches, string lights, or underwater LED lights, make sure your pool and yard are well-lit. Not only does lighting create ambiance, it is also an important safety feature. Proper lighting reduces the chances of a family member or guest tripping or falling into the pool. You can also accent lighting to draw attention to special design elements, such as statues or water features.


Plants and rocks are great landscaping elements around a pool. They can help swimming pool truly blend in with its surroundings, almost as if it were a natural space. However, it is very careful to choose your plants carefully. For example, a flowering tree may be very beautiful, but do you really want to have to worry about having to constantly sweep leaves and petals out of your pool? An evergreen, on the other hand, will look nice year-round, with minimal maintenance requirements.


Fencing is absolutely necessary for any pool. Not only will it preserve your privacy, it will also prevent any accidents which could arise from neighborhood children visiting your pool unattended.


Not every moment that you spend enjoying your pool environment will actually be spent in the pool itself. Gazebos are not only beautiful; they also add a convenient, shady place for you to relax and enjoy your time outside. Add a table and chairs, and you have the perfect outdoor dining spot.

Masonry & Paving Stones

It’s a good idea to cover the ground around your pool, to avoid muddying the ground and getting dirt and grass into the water; however, plain poured concrete is not your best option for ground cover. Masonry and natural paving stones are beautiful additions to your landscape, and also very practical. For one thing, these materials are generally not the bright white of poured concrete, so they will be less harsh on the eyes in the glaring sunlight of summer. Also, materials with textured surfaces will not become as slippery when wet as a smooth surface would, and will reduce the chances of someone falling.

When it comes to planning the design for your swimming pool area, the possibilities are unlimited. Flip through some design magazines, talk to a landscape designer, and get started on your own personal oasis.



Flooring Services

There are lots of things to consider when thinking about flooring services. If you are just starting to think about this then this short flooring services guide will help you to make some good decisions. It will also be of great help to your service provider if you have a clear idea of what you … Continue reading “Flooring Services”

There are lots of things to consider when thinking about flooring services. If you are just starting to think about this then this short flooring services guide will help you to make some good decisions. It will also be of great help to your service provider if you have a clear idea of what you want that assists them in making decisions about what is best for your project. It will also help you both to control the cost and get the roof that you want and need.

1. What kind of flooring services do you want? Is it domestic, business, wood, concrete? Can you describe the kind of flooring you want: the kind of surface, covering, colour. The more detail you have the better.

2. Flooring services can include many other possible features like supports, tiling, door thresholds. Think about what kind of weight the floor will have to hold, and the way you want the floor to look.

3. Why do you want a floor in any case? Some people think they need a completely new floor when all is required is a renovation. A good flooring services provider will advise on this and make recommendations based on your budget

4. Think ahead. Is your floor in a room that you might convert one day? This might make a difference as to what you decide.

5. There are floor coatings and coverings to think about. You don’t need to know the details as your flooring service will recommend for you. But make sure they explain the advantages of one kind over another before you spend

6. Plan your how much you want to spend carefully and how much you can afford to spend – there’s often a difference. It’s generally true that when getting a new floor the better quality you can afford the longer it will last and the better it will look.

7. A new floor like any building project takes time and needs project planning. Agree start and finish times with your provider and how they will carry out the work

8. Get a few quotes before you decide which provider to use. Don’t just go for the cheapest or even what seems to be the most detailed – both can be unintentionally deceptive.

9. Obviously you need to agree a price for your new floor before they start – get it in writing.

10. As the work progresses try to get a verbal report from your provider as to what they are doing at each stage and how long it will take. This will build a relationship with them, show that you are monitoring the process, and indicate that you are keen to get the job done.



Residential Flooring Tips

As any homeowner may know, remodeling can be a huge undertaking that can potentially have cost overruns and additional headaches. However, with a few tips to keep in mind, you can keep costs in check and dramatically increase the life of new flooring.

When considering new residential flooring, one has to bear in mind the condition of their current floor. Subfloors may need preparation including patching or leveling. Additionally, depending upon the age and condition of the current floor, a new wood underlayment may be recommended. These components, to any flooring project let alone the installation of a new floor, are typically overlooked by homeowners and subsequently catch them for surprise. Yet, with the underlying preparation, you with dramatically increase the performance and life of your new flooring installation.

One should also note that moldings, wall bases, and toe kick guards will be removed prior to installation. It’s generally recommended that a flooring specialist handle such removal so as to prevent unnecessary damage to the molding and reinforce the possibility of reinstallation after a new floor is laid. The installation of a new floor, however, could be an ideal time to upgrade your molding, wall bases, and kick guards particularly if you’re opting for a radical redesign. There are a wide variety of styles to choose from on the market, essentially guaranteeing a consistent match with new flooring.

New flooring may also require readjustments to appliance and door placement. If your opting for a significantly more thick flooring consistency, make sure you and your flooring contractor discuss door heights so as to allow doors to freely swing above the new floor. Appliances, likewise, may need readjustment to sit level with the new floor.

When choosing your floor material, make sure you take into account the room’s daily use. Kitchens and bathrooms are high traffic area that susceptible to spills and water damage. Vinyl or tile is the typical choice for new kitchen or bathroom floors, but a number of specifically formatted wood flooring options have emerged which are designed to be water resistant. Living rooms and bedrooms, on the other hand, tend to be more decorative in nature. Hence, you have greater leeway in selecting the proper color and texture of a new living room or bedroom flooring. One should, however, account for the overall decor of the space.

Finally, once the new floor has been laid and life has returned to normal after the flooring installation, homeowners must consider proper care and maintenance to ensure their residential floor’s extended lifetime. There are a number of flooring sealants, each tailored to a specific flooring material, that can protect your household’s floors and lead to long a lifespan.

With these tips, homeowners can be aware of potential projects required of a new flooring installation. Whatever your project, it is imperative to maintain a strong line of communication with your flooring installers, from the initial design all the way through the finished project.



Commercial Lighting Services to Help You

There’s usually resistance to creating this change because onsite electricians and maintenance staff is not really trained in low voltage installation and maintenance. Commercial outdoor lighting has more stringent demands than lighting for home properties. Specific lighting levels has to be attained and luminaries should be positioned for sufficient security and safe passage.

Lights illuminate our day-to-day activities. A well-lighted home or workplace features vigor and inspiration to manage our daily responsibilities. Lighting is quite simple components at home or at work, but play a crucial role in order to keep up with the job that needs to be done. Finding the right lights and brightness in your home or workplace is important in improving your environment. Keeping top quality illumination is also important to keep the environment a great location for both rest and work. You can find a great number of companies offering various lighting services. These companies also provide electrical maintenance that enables every home and workplace keep the lights in good condition.

Every office requires excellent lighting that may enhance the workplace’s environment in order to enhance as well as boost all workers’ enthusiasm. Bad lighting can result to a gloomy office and can disturb the focus of workers. Electrical maintenance can easily fix these lighting issues in every single office. A good company provides commercial lighting in a very affordable price. The company offers a wide variety of choices for effectively illuminating your workplace. The company’s commercial lighting projects bring in cost-effectiveness and eco-friendly technology. The company’s commercial lights can save every business as much as thirty percent of their monthly electrical expenses. They also present lighting fixture replacements that may prevent fires.

In the same manner, imagine you’re planning an event and have everything decided: food, drinks, guest list, and location. But how can you set your party apart to make it special? A successful party or event relies upon excellent ambiance, and lights are the key ingredients to making the mood you want. If you’re looking for unique ways to illuminate the next tent gathering, here are a few of the top trends in tent lighting.

Commercial Lighting Services can deal with your affair. For weddings as well as other formal occasions, chandeliers make a romantic atmosphere. From old world to French boudoir, these lights comes in almost any color, shape and size; whatever you decide depends on your budget and the look you are trying to produce. For the most effect, choose a color that will pop against your tent fabric, like black or red on white. When it comes to tent lighting, it is possible to go beyond traditional Christmas lights or track lighting to produce the effect you desire.



Water Heater Installation and Repair Tips

One of the most enjoyable comforts brought about by modern technology to the human race is the invention of the water heater. What can be more comforting than a hot water bath or shower on a cold morning to wake up a sleepy mind and body. It also helps clean your skin by removing excess oil and dirt. Because of the benefits that it provides, for generations people have been willing to spend their hard earned money to have a water heater installed in their house.

Here are some tips to have an effective water heater installation and repair in the event that you someday need these services. When installing a new water heater, first you must choose the right one for you. Water heaters can either be electric or gas-fuelled. Sometimes a gas water heater can cost less to operate than electric but it will vary by area so check the ratings on the one you are looking to install. If your house does not have gas service to it then the only reasonable option is electric.

Check the plumbing by measuring the dimensions of the hot and cold water pipes that presently exist in the house and make sure your new heater is the proper fit. Depending on the age of the house you may need to purchase some couplers to make the pipes fit properly.

Before you do anything make sure to turn off all the utilities attached to the unit whether it is gas or electric. Once turned off, you can now drain the hot water tank and disconnect the old hot and cold water pipe connections. To drain the water from the tank you hook up a hose to the outlet at the bottom of the tank and drain the water outside or into a drain.

When the old unit is completely drained of water and successfully disconnected, you may then remove it to make room for the new unit. Next, install any fittings to the new unit like the temperature and pressure relief valve if they are not already installed. Then connect the water lines making sure to use proper procedures so you don’t have leaks when you fill the new tank. Next, you can connect to the power source, either gas line or electric. If the fuel source is a gas line then you need to attach the flue vent to make sure fumes are properly directed out of the house. After making all the connections, you can now fill the water heater with cold water and turn on the new unit.

It is a good idea to insulate your water heater tank with a water heater tank blanket. This step can lower your costs to keep the water hot when you need it.

While it is possible to install a new unit on your own, hiring a plumbing professional is often the best way to go and will save you time and money in the long run unless you are experienced in plumbing and plumbing repairs.



When To Repair Garage Doors

For anything to last long it has to be well maintained. This means that if anything becomes faulty or worn out it should be fixed as soon as possible. In other words maintenance and repair of items makes them last longer and also serve the owners better.

This also holds true for garage door. Due to its frequent movement door repair is essential for home owners. Lack of it well wear the door down to an extent it won’t be usable anymore. However to be able to do garage door repair there are a few pointers one has to be aware of. First you should be able to tell when the door is faulty. This way you will be able to get it repaired sooner before the damage gets worse. It is important for early detection as the more the damage the more it will cost you to fix it.

There are two parts of a garage door that are likely to need repair. This is the door opener and the door itself. Since the door is constantly moved, the metallic tracks may be loose as the bracelets that connect the tracks to the wall may be loose. To solve this you should tighten the bolts and screws on these brackets. To conduct this door repair you have to work from inside the garage with the door closed.

Garage door tracks also get damaged. The solution here is to replace them with others. However if they are not totally damaged you can pound them back into shape using mallets or a hammer. The tracks should also be properly aligned with each other so as you pound make sure they are straight. The tracks may not also work due to dirt in between them, ensure you get rid of these dirt or objects on the track.

When conducting garage door repair don’t forget to check the springs if you have a roll up door usually they need to be readjusted. You can readjust them yourself or call someone to help you do it.



Bathroom And Shower Room Wall Tiling Tips

Having a new bathroom tiled?

The following article is in response to all the people that are actually considering having new tiling for for the first time round and for those of you that want a decent job done.

Read on and you can spare yourself lots of anguish and desperation (and some money too).

It is now quite often when I go to price a tiling job that I have to advise people on some problem on carrying out the work. The typical hotspots are:

  • bath out of level
  • fitted showers
  • shower trays and baths with excessive gap between these and the walls
  • lipped shower trays not set in
  • shower unit/controls at the wrong height
  • radiators, towel rail, basin already fitted, toilet pan height and servicing
  • old tiles still in place after having a new suite installed

How can the above hotspots interfere with the tiling you may ask. Well, it goes like this:

“Bath out of level”

One of the first things that I do when starting a bathroom wall tile installation, is to put my long spirit level on and along the perimeter of the bath. What I found often is that the bath is badly out of level, sometimes dropping towards the plug hole and on fewer occasions dropping opposite to the plug hole. Of all of the baths I have seen to date I have not yet seen a bath that has not got a natural internal fall in order to drain the water, so I cannot see a valid reason for not having the top of the bath level. It must be said though, that occasionally, some baths are simply badly built. No much thought has been given for accommodating the tiles

If the tiles to be installed are a medium to large size and have no strong pattern, then is not a problem for the tiler. He/she would just need to trim the tiles accordingly to the fall but if the level is too much out you can have problem when installing a bath/shower screen onto the bath edge.

if on the other hand you are installing mosaic or tiles with lines or strong patterns, the tiling will look awful as even the smallest level difference along the bath length will be very noticeable. When dealing with mosaic, doing cuts means more time and money.

“Fitted shower”

I is important to have the tiles to go behind the unit as this can avoid water penetration in the wall/s. Some showers have the hot and cold pipes covered with a plate. On these type of shower units tiling must be done before the unit is fitted as the tile can be drilled neatly to accommodate the pipe work; if not, the tiles will need to be cut in a way that will have to show an unsightly finish. If the plumber is fitting a new shower unit ask him/her to allow for the pipe work to protrude from the wall more than it is needed, then to wait for the tiling to be done before final installation. I have had situations where the shower has been fitted, without even allowing for the tile thickness between the cover plates and the wall.

“Shower trays and baths with excessive gap”

When installing baths or trays make sure to have very little gap from them to the walls otherwise you might end up using either too much silicone or having to install a bath trim. I am not in favour of these bath/shower trims or tile beads as I have found the baths and trays can move downwards causing the trim to separate and capillary action allowing water to draw into the walls. If you find that the bath or tray is not fitting tight to the walls it is likely that it is due to the right angled wall not being square to the other or that the wall is bulging. It is standard practice to slightly bed in the bath/tray into the wall; just enough for the gap to close. This also helps “hold” the bath/tray in place. Many times you would only need to channel one wall only. This is when the internal corner of the wall is not square. Again, only set the tray into the wall until the gap closes. Care must be taken not to inset the bath too much as you might have problem with the taps distance to the wall, hence preventing clear access on opening and closing them. Also, pay attention to the shower tray as if you inset this too much, you might have problems later fitting the shower screen.

“Lipped shower trays not set in”

Lipped showers are those trays that have an upstand along 2 or more sides.

These trays are supposed to be containing the water within the tray and avoiding water leakage into the adjoining walls. In theory this is great but I have carried out a number of tiling repairs due to this type of tray. The reason why there has been some problem with this type of tray is because of poor plumbing installation. On a few occasions the tray was placed against the walls (not inset into the wall). On other occasions the fitter did not inset the tray enough into the walls. I have noticed that there usually is a considerable lateral movement once I step on the tray during tile installation. This causes the tray’s upright lip to move (from inside outwards) towards the tile and doing so, de-bonding the first row of tiles and in turn allowing water to penetrate in the wall, causing problems. The only way not to have any problem with this type of tray is to make sure that the tray is set in the wall more than the lateral movement allows. Care must be taken not to go too deep in the wall as the shower screen might not fit inside the tray.

“Shower unit/controls at the wrong height”

A common problem that can be avoided is the placing of the shower controls height onto the walls. As it is important for the user to have the controls at the right height one overlooked situation is the height of the tile border. If there is no border then it’s not a problem but if you are considering installing a tile border, then get the tiler to relay with the plumber as you don’t want to spoil the border being interrupted by the controls. If the border is thicker than the main tiles then you can have more problems with the control’s cover plates not seating flush, also if the border is thicker than the tiles the tiler will need to know where the shower/bath screen will be going exactly as that part of the border where the screen will cover must not be tiled or the screen won’t seat flush.

“Radiators, towel rail, basin already fitted, toilet pan height and servicing”

On situations where basin, towel rail radiators and toilet are fitted, this is where a lot of time will need to be spent as it (unless removed) will require to cut around these items (if possible). Here if planned in advance the tiling would need to be carried out BEFORE the final plumbing installation. Reality is that many plumbers want to get in and out as soon as possible not worrying about the tiling (after all, they are not doing it, are they!). If you are going to have the floor tiled then you MUST have the basin (pedestal), toilet pan and any surface mounted radiator OFF the floor and the plumbing already prepared for the new floor height. If the existing floor is made of wood, then there is a big chance that the floor will go up around 1″ – about 25 mm but can only be assessed during the estimate or quote.

“Old tiles still in place after having a new suite installed”

This is another thing overlooked.

You have planned your project for a long time, the workers get in to replace the old bathroom suite with the one you really wanted for a long time. They remove the first row of tiles abutting the old suite and install the new one. Job done.

It is beyond belief that some people can do this. “The tiler can take the tiles off”.

It must be appreciated that removing tiles after a new bathroom suite has been installed is no easy task and the risk of damage to it can be considerable. Also, at times, some sections of walls may need to be replaced or repaired according to the surface type and adhesive strength. Make sure that the tiles ARE removed prior to the new installation.

The same applies to kitchen installations.



Bath and Shower Tile Designs

Ideas to help you create beautiful bath and shower tile designs.

One of the wonderful things about tile is the fact you have almost unlimited creativity. There are many types of tile and different ways to create your own unique bath and shower tile designs. From standard bulk tile to individually hand painted, no matter what your decorative style, you’ll still have many choices.

Before creating bath and shower tile designs, you must choose your pattern and tiles you want. When using tile to create designs there are three kinds of tiles you can use. There are field tiles, which are simple in shape. These come in many sizes and are great to use when covering a large area. The next tiles are the accent tiles. These tiles are designed with unusual shapes, sheens and textures. All it takes is a few of these to turn an ordinary tile pattern into something extraordinary. Last, the trim tiles are your border tiles. These are typically narrow and go around the edge to add to your design.

Tips for choosing bath and shower tile designs:

  • Light airy tile choices make your room look larger. For a stronger effect use contrasting accent tile colors.
  • Consider the entire color scheme of the room including counters, floors, and walls. Adjust your tile creation to create focal points or to compliment.
  • Using two or three colors can create subtle, yet very effective results.
  • Add color to your tile choice by using randomly spaced contrasting tiles.

Bath and Shower Tile Designs

Another important bath and shower tile design element is the grout color choice. The wide array of grout color will make your patterns come together with a matching or contrasting color. When you choose a high contrast color of grout to the tile it becomes more visible. Contrasting a white grout with black tile will contract for a checkered look giving you a little extra design. It is also important for grout to be cleaned with warm soapy water and re-sealed often in regularly used areas.

Don’t be afraid to be creative as you choose your bath and shower tile designs. The result will be a uniquely beautiful bathroom you’ll enjoy for years.



How to Buy the Best Steam Showers

The idea to buy the best steam showers and other bath furniture comes to mind whenever one thinks of remodeling the bathroom. Buying bath furniture items online is also one of the good options before you. It could turn out to be beneficial in many ways.

First, when you buy bath products from retail shops, it becomes difficult to get a huge variety. Moreover, you have to hunt from one shop to another. The rates too are as per the retail market segment. Besides, you don’t get to see different brands or manufacturers under one roof. In such situation, online shopping could be the right choice. You can choose from a huge collection of products and brands. In fact, you may be spoiled with choices. The range would include bathroom furniture, mirrors, radiators, showers, suites, taps, dryers, shower units, steam cabin, shower doors, enclosures, pumps, towers, trays, steam bath, whirlpool bath and much more.

Luxurious bath settings can be very relaxing and rejuvenating. A good bath can set the mood right. It could be invigorating or simply indulging. Depending on your mood and the time, you could choose to use different bath fittings and furniture. For instance, a steam cabinet would do well if you want to sweat it out. Similarly, shower cabin can be used for a quick bath. The choices are unlimited; and we suggest you equip your bath with these luxurious indulgences. It will change the way you spend time in the bathroom. Steam showers will be delivered at your doorstep once you place the order online or through phone.

If you still think, you can do without bath luxuries then, think again. Read our list of the top sellers and you will be smitten by the charm of these luxurious bath products.

Top Sellers

Shower Enclosure: This enclosure comes with opaque glass panels and central control panels. It has clear glass doors and adjustable body jets for neck, shoulder and back massage. It also has hot and cold pipes connected with thermostatic shower mixer. The unit includes shower head, shower tray, soap dish, storage space, and everything else that you need for a shower.

Steam Showers: This whirlpool bath is made of aluminum alloy, toughened glass and ABS board. It is one of the most popular models and is equipped with body jets, bath jets, computer panel, integrated seat, foot massage, radio, hand shower, shelf, drain, steam generator, internal lighting and monsoon rain shower and much more.

Spa Jacuzzi: This is another luxury indulgence. It comes with a front panel, fitted whirlpool, radio, massage jets, spa jets, pump, pillow, hand held shower, control pad, speaker, water fall, thermostatic built in taps, two pillows and a lot more. It fits snugly in a corner or near the wall.

Classic Basin: Steam showers look good when adorned with fancy basins. These classic basins have moisture resistant technology. They come with internal shelving, double door cupboard, ceramic basin, chrome handles among others.

There are bathroom suites too adorned with extensive and flashy steam showers that can change the look of your bath completely. Not to mention the elegance and style it will add to your home. Luxury indulgences not only add beauty to your home, they also bring convenience.

Steam showers can now be brought online at discounted rates. There is a huge variety of products and brands available online. It is a perfect way of enhancing the beauty of your home and bringing home convenience or luxury.



Practical Green Living Tips For the Average Family

When it comes to adopting a green living lifestyle, let’s dispel the most common misconceptions people have right up front. Adopting a “green lifestyle” can be done gradually and DOES NOT mean you need to go out and start hugging trees in your backyard OR riding your scooter to work in the rain.

There are very, very simple changes you can make in your lifestyle, and make them gradually so that you will hardly even notice any “inconvenience” to living a more green life.  In fact, not only does adopting a green lifestyle mean saving on the earth’s finite resources, it also means saving money because a large part of living green involves saving energy; things like gasoline, electricity, heating oil, etc. So the lifestyle is actually easier on the budget and should give you more disposable income each month. Not a bad deal is it?

Here’s some simple tips and easy changes you can make to start living more eco-friendly:

Using Less Energy

Weather-proof your house, You’ll be very happily surprised at the amount of dollar savings you can achieve simply by getting an energy audit from your local power company and adopting the changes they suggest. Most utility companies offer this service at no charge and you should definitely take advantage of it if you haven’t already done so.

Believe it or not, simply doing the laundry is a huge user of energy. You need to heat the water to wash the clothes, then heat the clothes to dry them. Instead, try washing your clothes in cold water and also give the old-fashioned clothes line a try for drying your clothes. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the amount of money you can save by doing these two simple things.

Cut Down on Water Usage

Everyone likes a nice hot bath once in a while. Consider taking them less frequently as your typical bath will use up to 5 times more water and energy than a shower. Speaking of showers, buy one of those energy efficient shower heads that cut down on water flow by 1/3 to 1/2. This can be a huge hot water saver.

When you run your dishwasher, make sure that it is full so that you maximize each load and not unnecessarily waste hot water on partial loads. If you just have a few dishes to be cleaned, consider doing them by hand.

Getting Back and Forth to Work – Carpooling

Consider joining a car pool. Yes, it is not nearly as convenient as taking your own car to work, but for the extra time involved, you’ll see your gasoline bill plummet.

This list is just a very small number of the things you can do to start living greener. There are many websites that go into much more depth on things you can do to become a more eco-friendly member of the world community. One such site is listed below.



The Importance of Green Cleaning Services

A clean home can guarantee the health of your family. There are number of cleaning services that follow variety of cleaning methods to ensure your home is free from dust and allergens. Cleaning companies use environment friendly products and services to make your home livable. Cleaning services these days use products and tools that do less harm to the environment. This is called green cleaning services. There are green products available in the market and cleaning companies make use of these for effective cleaning. Almost all cleaning companies offer this type of cleaning and it becomes the responsibility of the customer to request for green cleaning even though they have not mentioned this particular service in their catalogue. Cleaning companies now use reusable rags that are of biodegradable varieties for a greener environment.

Cleaning companies first work towards preserving water and combat water waste. The companies do not run the taps full for their cleaning but only use water to rinse. Not just conserving water but also energy. These cleaning services remove all the items before starting vacuuming process. This can help the machine to use less energy as there is no large waste to be pulled out. Moreover they clean the vacuum cleaner bag and tube often to ensure better suction and therefore less energy. These cleaning companies also offer advice on how to save energy and work towards making the world a better place to live. Also be alert while choosing a cleaning company, conventional cleaning products can leave your indoor space contaminated and unsafe to live in. If you want your family to live healthy it is important to opt for green cleaning services.

Standard cleaning companies use chemical products for cleaning, this could cause more harm than good. Though we find that the house looks clean the after effects of the chemicals could be alarming. The chemical also could cause harm to the person who comes in contact with them. Do not get into a mess by resorting to traditional cleaning methods. In modern times the need for professional cleaning services that offer green cleaning services has become essential as they are far more eco-friendly and does not expose you and your family to any kind of health risks. Check out your local janitorial service and learn more about e-cleaning. Definitely you will find one in your locality. Always go for biodegradable, nontoxic, nonflammable products to ensure the safety of your family and pets.

Not just individuals even businesses are taking the green route to capture the attention of the customers. If you want to make a difference in your home or office it is important to choose green cleaning services. Many people are of the false notion that green cleaning could turn out to be expensive. But in fact these services can do a lot of good to you that it can save on the health bills of your family and employees. Cleaning using natural products does not produce harmful fumes and odor thereby ensuring that your family is at the pink of health always.

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